Hairy Tales has a Metacritic Score of 81, and is out on Desura for Windows/Mac/Linux, for iPhones/iPads and on the Mac AppStore (plus Steam Greenlight)

Desura Digital Distribution

Hairy Tales – Release trailer

What is Hairy Tales?

A “fiendishly difficult” puzzle/action game that has been praised for its creativity and multiple solutions, Hairy Tales combines tile-dragging mechanics with fast furious action. It’s inspired by ChuChu Rocket and Lemmings, and tells the zany adventures of a group of not too bright folk spirits, as you help them puzzle out evil conundrums in their mission to save their tile-based world from sickening corruption.

It stars the Hairys, an excitable group of fairy folk who are so eager to clear their world of corruption that they simply don’t watch where they’re going. It’s up to you to organize the stages in the best way possible for them to reach their goal while avoiding enemies, dealing with the corruption and eventually defeating dangerous enemies.

It has 72 levels split across three distinctive worlds, where players must simultaneously save the Hairys from falling off the edge of the world by re-arranging the tiles on each level, while acquiring power ups, magic mushrooms and destroying evil enemy Kikimoras and their three powerful end bosses.


  • Unique combination of tile-dragging puzzles with action-strategy mechanics.
  • Hardcore puzzle difficulty but allowing casual-length game sessions.
  • Fully-alterable world with a great tactile feel and intuitive interaction.
  • Difficult puzzles with multiple solutions, which allow you to find your own path and provide replayability.
  • Colorful environments with hilarious characters, animations and sound.
  • Distinctive enemies and end-boss puzzle battles.

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