How does a Hairy Chest make a Man?

The Folk

Contrary to powerful belief, a hairy chest makes a man mature. However, that does not seem to be the case nowadays as girls prefer guys with a clean chest. Imagine having them comb a chest with lots of hair. They can also lick the hair if the guy has yet to wax it off his chest. It is a painful experience for a guy to have his chest hair removed via wax. It is a good thing for the Reality KingsĀ discount as it only lasts for a few seconds though but the pain will last a long time. For some people, it could leave a mark because they could get red marks so if you have an allergy then you better avoid doing that.


It is not normal for some guy to have too much hair on his chest unless he did something to make that happen. If you survey ladies and ask them if they find that attractive then the answer would disappoint you. Some have it in their genes to have chest hair while some only had it when they were babies. It would not be advisable to use scissors to cut that hair little by little or even a razor blade even if you ask a barber to do it. Waxing is the best solution but you better think twice before you remove it because it looks good on you when you look in the mirror. Some men would love to have chest hair but it is something that can’t be put there magically. You have to grow it like leaves grow on trees.




There are countries in Europe where it is pretty normal for men to have hair and they don’t want to get rid of it either. It makes them look tough and inspires them to go to the gym now and then. It would be no good unlike this to be embarrassed by your hairy chest. You should be proud of it when you are at the beach when there are a lot of girls. You must take off your shit and show it off before putting on some sunblock lotion.

You must let your actions define your manhood too. Of course, your physical appearance can’t be the only determining factor when other people see you as the boy that you are. However, that does not mean you must wear coupon shirts that will show off your chest hair. Some shirts exist though but they would not look good in public. It would only look good when the other people with you also have chest hair.


However, it would not look good at all when you are with girls who dress nicely like black dresses and long heels. It would not fit the scene as they say. It is very wrong but they can’t call the cops on you. They may take a picture of you and then post it on social media with the hashtag #whatever. Because of that, you will probably not want to show your face again. The only way you can show your chest hair is if you are at the gym working out with those biceps showing. Wow, if that is not a wonderful sight then I don’t know what is. All you got to do is to work, work, and work until the sun goes down like a Little Wayne record baby yeah. After sweating it out at the gym, you must take a bath nice unless you want to be the talk of the town because of your bad smell.


Everyone wants to be the topic of conversation but it can’t be about the wrong things. There are a lot of theories going around on whether or not chest hair can grow. It seems pretty obvious that it is impossible though because they are going to stay there like grass that doesn’t grow since grass can grow since it is plants that are living objects. Go on a proper diet too because the chest hair won’t look good when your chest goes bigger too. It would be better to do some push-ups, watch NubilesPorn, and make it as lean as possible even though that is hard.